Friday, September 13, 2013

Project #4 [C4T Summary #1]

     For Project #4, I'll be featuring different teachers' blogs & blogposts right here on my EDM 310 class blog. I'll be sharing some of the awesome things that they are doing in their classrooms, and sharing our interaction through comments. This will show how easy it can be to build up a PLN (Personal Learning Network), how valuable it can be to connect with other teachers & their classrooms through class blogs, and how many great ideas you can get from exploring what's out there! I've already found some great suggestions, and this is only week 1! For my first C4T, I'll be featuring Matt Gomez and his space where he talks about his experiences as a K5 teacher. You can check out his blog here.

(MBG) Matt B Gomez: [Flipping in Kindergarten: Connecting Home and School]
     In this post, Matt talks about how he has flipped his K5 classroom, and what a great experience it has been. If you've never heard about "flipping a classroom", you can read more about it here. Instead of flipping his classroom in the typical way, since Matt's students are quite young, he has flipped his classroom for the PARENTS! Matt has created a class blog in which he posts everyday about what is going on in the classroom. He introduces the parents to vocabulary that they are using, and gives them a glimpse into what their child's day is like. To keep it simple, he will post pictures of different activities that they are doing, and write short little snippets to let parents know what is going on. He does this through the Blogger app which makes it fast and easy to keep everyone updated! This comes in handy for parents because they can then talk to their kids about what their day was like, and reinforce any vocabulary they are currently learning at home. Any way of getting the parents involved is a good thing in my book, and Matt seems to be doing an excellent job with this! I'll be sure to remember the concept of "flipping a classroom" for after I graduate! He also gave a few suggestions about some apps that we should check out: skitch, popplet, and educreations.
     For my comment, I introduced myself to Matt, and shared my blog and the EDM310 class blog with him. I let him know a little bit about what this class is all about, and that I'd be featuring some of his posts here in a couple of weeks! I also let him know how much I enjoyed reading about the concept of "flipping a classroom". It's something that I've never heard about before reading his post, and let him know that I'm going to keep it in mind for later down the road someday. I also mentioned how I thought it was awesome that he flipped the classroom for his students' parents since his K5 students are so young!

(MBG) Matt B Gomez: [Our Mission in Kindergarten: Video with Educreations]
     The second post I had the opportunity to check out from Matt's blog is all about the app, Educreations. Matt talks about this app, and how awesome it is for throwing together quick videos to share on his blog. He mentions that the great thing about this app is how easy and convenient it is to share the videos once they are finished! He uses these videos as a way to share what is going on in the classroom with parents and other classrooms. For this blogpost, Matt and his students created a video with their classroom mission statement. This project seems super easy, and Matt explained that he was able to create the video simply by finding random pictures that represented the different aspects of their mission statement, and then recording his students stating the mission over it. You can check the video out over at his blog here! This project is an awesome way for students to get involved in the process of creating their classroom mission statement, and it gives everyone the opportunity to take some time to really think about the statement and what it means. Another great thing about this project is that it could be done with multiple grade levels!
     For my comment, I told Matt how I thought it was awesome that this project gave his students the opportunity to really think about their classroom mission statement and what it means. It was a great way to incorporate technology into a project for younger students. One of my favorite parts of their classroom mission statement was "be brave". I also let Matt know that I've finally finished up this post where I've featured his class blog so that all of the other students in EDM310 will possibly be able to check out all of the great things that he's doing! 

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