Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project #13 [PBL Plan #1}

Soccer Image from Google
     Our lesson plan is a project in which the students are hired as a shot analyst for an All-Star Soccer team. The students will use Geometry to determine the region in which to maximize their chances of scoring a goal, and to prepare some sketches to show coaches. The students need to convince the coaches that they can maximize their chances by using the ideas from the sketches.                                    This lesson plan will teach the students how to represent geometric figures, such as points, lines, planes, segments, rays, and angles pictorially with proper identification. They will distinguish between undefined and defined terms. They will also validate conclusions by constructing logical arguments using both formal and informal methods with direct and indirect reasoning.
You can read all about our PBL at our Google site.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project #6 [C4K Summary for September]

     For Project #6, we had to start an assignment called C4K. For those who have never heard of C4K before, it simply stands for comments for kids! Each week, Dr. Strange assigns us a random student's blog to check out. The whole purpose of C4K, in my opinion, is to reach out and see what other teachers and students are doing in their classrooms, how they are using their class blogs to their full potential, and to leave encouraging comments for kids so they will realize that there is a BIG world out there, and that they have a potential audience! When I think back about it, it would have been an awesome experience to receive comments from college students on any of my work that I did when I was a kid. I feel like an opportunity like that would have been an exciting thing for any classroom, just to know that someone much older took the the time to read and appreciate my work! C4K is just another great way to interact with people through blogs, and I think it has the capability of being a great way to introduce children to the power of communication through the internet. It teaches kids that they do have an audience, and hopefully, by taking the time to write out a thoughtful comment on a student's blog, it will help them feel inspired to keep putting effort into their work, and give them a sense of pride in what they do! Every month I'll be posting a summary of the comments I left on my assigned student's blogs so you can get an idea of what C4K is all about.

C4K #1 - "This I Believe" by Liltookrazzii (kimp) a Student from Mrs. Martin's 10th Grade English Class 
Summary of Comment: Hey there,
My name is Savannah, and I'm also a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I'm studying to become a math and music teacher someday, and you can read about some of the projects we're doing in this class at my EDM 310 Class Blog if you're curious! Your essay really hit home with me because I understand how something you're passionate about can change your life, and make an impact as well. Music has always been that thing for me; it helps me forget about all of the bad, makes me happy, and gives me a positive outlet to focus my time on. I also love how I can express myself through it. One thing that I loved about your essay was how descriptive it was. You did an amazing job of expressing yourself and your belief through your writing. I really felt like I was there with you at your first street race, and I could feel the energy of the atmosphere through your writing! I'm glad you've found something that makes you happy, and that you are passionate about. Sharing your love of this sport with others really can help people. It can encourage them to find something that they are passionate about too! Keep up the good work!

C4K #2 - Hatchet by Ricky from Mrs. Metzler's Flight of the Fifths Blog (Guatmala City - 5th Grade)
Summary of Comment: Hello Ricky,
My name is Savannah, and I'm a student in a class called EDM310 all the way from the University of South Alabama. You can check out my class blog here if you'd like! I'm 22 years old, and I'm studying to become a math and music teacher someday. Our class is all about learning new, and exciting ways to use technology in the classroom! My teacher sent me to your blog to check out some of the awesome work that you, and your fellow classmates are doing. Do you enjoy writing blogs for Mrs. Metzler's classroom? Technology is such an awesome thing, and it's pretty neat that we have the opportunity to connect and share our schoolwork through these blogs. I enjoyed reading your summary about the hatchet, and was impressed with how well written it was. You did an excellent job of describing this tool, and all of its uses. I think you are a very great writer! Keep up the good work!

C4K #3 - My Son is Naughty Question by Dante from Mrs. King - 7th & 8th Grade 
Summary of Comment: Hello Dante,
My name is Savannah, and I'm a college student in a class called EDM 310 all the way from the University of South Alabama. I'm studying to become a math and music teacher someday, and the class that I am currently taking is all about learning different ways that technology can be used in the classroom! First of all, I just wanted to say that I'm very impressed with your blog! It's awesome that you take the time to update so regularly, and I love the design of it. The fact that you put in effort with it really shows! It's awesome that we are able to use our class blogs to connect with people from around the world, and update them about what is going on in and outside the classroom. My teacher sent me here to check out some of the awesome work you and your classmates have been doing! I really enjoyed watching some of the recent math problem videos that you are your friends created. Your videos help to truly explain how the problems were worked out, and show that you guys have a great understanding of how to solve them! I bet these videos come in handy when reviewing how to do problems like this, and might help your other classmates understand how to solve these problems better as well! I am so impressed with this idea that I might use it in my own math classroom someday! Keep up the good work, girls!