Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project #13 [PBL Plan #1}

Soccer Image from Google
     Our lesson plan is a project in which the students are hired as a shot analyst for an All-Star Soccer team. The students will use Geometry to determine the region in which to maximize their chances of scoring a goal, and to prepare some sketches to show coaches. The students need to convince the coaches that they can maximize their chances by using the ideas from the sketches.                                    This lesson plan will teach the students how to represent geometric figures, such as points, lines, planes, segments, rays, and angles pictorially with proper identification. They will distinguish between undefined and defined terms. They will also validate conclusions by constructing logical arguments using both formal and informal methods with direct and indirect reasoning.
You can read all about our PBL at our Google site.


  1. Good idea but you need to provide detailed information about specific resources, instructional procedures, student involvement, evaluation techniques, standards addressed, 21st century competencies addresses. We will discuss these in class next week. I assumed too much in assigning this before more discussion.

  2. Why was this not posted on Laythem's blog? Did he participate in this product?

  3. I think this is a good idea. It put geometry into perspective for the students. It will make them realize you can use it in real life situations.