Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blog Assignment #1

• What are the things (if any) you have heard about EDM310?
    Whenever I first started taking classes at South Alabama, one of the first classes I heard a rumor about was actually EDM 310! A friend of mine who helped me register was quick to let me know that EDM 310 was very tough, and very time consuming! Other than that, I hadn't really heard anything else about it. Of course whenever I heard someone stress how it difficult it was, and then when Dr. Strange emphasized that we needed to put in 9 hours a week to be successful in this class, it intimated me a bit at first! 
     As I mentioned in my last post, I've already had the opportunity to take EDM 310 before. Unfortunately, I didn't get to stick it out for the rest of last semester because I had some stressful things going on in my family. I still remember those first few weeks in EDM 310 though! I remember it being a lot to take in at first, but staying on top of things and taking the initiative really helped me out throughout this course, and as the semester continued, it became less & less intimidating for me. I've also had some experience with blogging, and creating videos + other music projects on a Macbook before so those projects were quite easy for me to follow along with!
    As the semester progressed, EDM 310 became one of my favorite classes! I like how Dr. Strange expects us to take things into our own hands, and I love the challenge that comes along with this class. I love feeling involved with what I'm learning instead of just being expected to show up to class and take notes. Plus, I know that I will actually use the things that Dr. Strange teaches us through the projects he assigns so it made all of that initial stress worth it in the long run! From my experience, I can definitely say that after the first couple of weeks go by, it gets easier, and I definitely felt more comfortable and confident that I could succeed too. I'm excited to see how the projects this semester will differ from the ones assigned last semester! 

• What fears (if any) do you have about EDM310?
   Right now, I'm actually pretty excited about taking this class again. EDM 310 is a challenge, and I like that. I like the responsibility of working on my own, and learning things for myself. The only fear that I have is about the group aspect of some of our projects! I hope that I am lucky enough to get paired with people again who actually take pride in their work, who want to turn things in on time, and put in a good bit of effort. The one thing I hate about group projects is getting paired with people who just don't want to put any effort in! I don't like for that to reflect on me, nor do I like the stress of working with people who don't want to work, so I usually just prefer to work on assignments on my own. I realize that this won't always be an option in life though so its important to be able to figure out a way to work with people even when the situation isn't ideal! Hopefully I won't run into any major problems with people in my group being irresponsible, but if so, hopefully I can be a good leader and help us get through it! 

• Compare and contrast EDM310 with other courses you have taken in college or high school.
     EDM 310 is definitely unlike any other course I've ever taken before! The biggest difference that I've experienced with EDM 310 is "no burp back education". Out of all of the college classes I've been to, EDM 310 has been unique in that I'm not expected to just show up to class, take notes, and then repeat the information back on a test or by writing a paper. In EDM 310, Dr. Strange expects us to take the initiative, and to learn how to become lifelong learners. While I've had a few really good classes at Faulkner and South Alabama, most of them disappoint me in the way that they are set up. The only thing that really prepared me for a class like EDM 310 in the past is having good writing skills. Also, I've always been the type of student who enjoys learning things on their own so that really came in handy for me. 

• What do you think will be the most difficult thing for you in EDM310?
     One of the most difficult parts of EDM 310 for me will be making sure that I stay on top of things. This is always easier said than done for me! I usually do pretty good job of staying on top of things at the beginning of the semester, but I need to make sure that I do not let procrastinating get the best of me. EDM 310 has a lot of big projects, and in order for me to get the most out of them, I need to make sure I have plenty of time to put my total effort in! I don't want to find myself giving 50% towards the end of the semester because I waited too long to start my projects.
Procrastination Cycle

• What is the best way for you to address this “most difficult” aspect of EDM310?
     The way that I can prevent those things from happening is by planning ahead! I'll definitely make an effort to check on what will be due plenty of weeks in advance so that way I have time to do my research on what all is involved in a project so that way I can put my best foot forward. I usually do a pretty good job of this at the beginning of the semester so I just need to remember this, and stay on top of things as I go. 

• What questions do you still have about EDM310? What ideas do you have about how address those questions? 
     Since I've already taken EDM 310 before, I don't really have many questions about what to expect. I feel confident going into this class this time around! However, after filling out the questionnaire, I realized that I'm not 100% sure about all of the specifics of plagiarism. Yes, I have a general idea of what it is, and I feel like I have a good idea of how to avoid using plagiarism in my work, but when it comes down to the specific little details, like how many words it takes before something technically falls into that category, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not an expert! That's something I would love to hear Dr. Strange go into more detail about during this semester. I've had teachers and professors touch on this before, but I haven't really studied all of the specifics about what is actually considered plagiarism or how to properly cite things since high school! I always try to write with my own voice, share my own opinions, plus express things in my own way, but I'd like to learn more about this so I'll be better prepared to teach my students about plagiarism, and how to properly cite things in the future.


  1. Maybe my new approach to groups will help!

    "I don't want to find myself giving 50% towards the end of the semester because I waited too long to start my projects." Nor do I!

    Welcome back.

  2. That is awesome you have taken this class before. The way Dr. Strange has the class set up to that the work is on us and managing our time well so we do all the assignments and blogs and stuff is great and really makes me feel more independent and in control of my future