Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog Assignment #6

     For this blog assignment, Dr. Strange asked us to write a little bit about our progress in developing our own PLN (Personal Learning Network). If you've never heard of a "PLN" before, you can think of it as a group of people and tools that you can call upon for help, consultation, collaboration, ideas, inspiration, and other assistance that you might need in teaching. This is my first PLN, and so far I've found that the best way that I can start building up a network of people that I can reach out to when I need help or advice as I become a new teacher is through Twitter. So far, I've started the process of creating my own PLN by following all of my group members in EDM 310, Dr. Strange and all of the lab professionals, and other teachers and blogs that I've found to be helpful through research that I've done, and my C4T's. As I'm learning more about twitter, I'm finding that it is a great way to connect with other educators who truly have a passion for teaching, and it's also a great way to follow discussions about particular topics that you find interesting. I really hope to build up my twitter feed with lots of amazing teachers that inspire me, and who can help me as I'm on this journey of becoming a teacher someday! 

     Dr. Strange also suggested that we check out Symbaloo, which is a great website for keeping track of your favorite websites, social media sites, bookmarks, blogs, and other most used websites. It even has a feature where you can have a Google search bar on your homepage, so you really have everything you need all in one place! Symbaloo could be used for anything, but I can see how it can be especially useful for being able to quickly and easily access all of the different aspects of your PLN! So far, I've started building up my Symbaloo by adding the EDM 310 Class Blog and the Instruction Manual, my Twitter, and a few other education blogs that I've been enjoying reading. I hope to continue adding more tools and resources as I keep doing research in EDM 310 so that way I will have a collection of places to go to when I need help, advice, or information in the future!

Screenshot of Symbaloo

     So far my PLN is small, but I'm finding more teachers and blogs that I can follow everyday as I'm doing research for this class! I hope to keep finding other teachers, education blogs, and different tools and resources that I can save which will help me to build up my PLN even more. I know that this will inspire me to become a better teacher, and it will also give me a lot of resources to look back on anytime I need help, and especially when I graduate and first start out my career as a teacher! 


  1. Personally, I was never and am still not a fan of Twitter. It has its uses, but I still don't like using it, mostly because I'm nowhere near interesting enough to contribute to it. I will agree with you on Symbaloo though. I'm loving Symbaloo so far and it's what I'm using to develop my PLN right now.

  2. Well done. Everyone starts small, but you will be surprised how rapidly your PLN can grow.