Monday, February 10, 2014

Project #4 [C4T Summary #1]

     For Project #4, I'll be featuring different teachers' blogs & blogposts right here on my EDM 310 class blog. I'll be sharing some of the awesome things that they are doing in their classrooms, and sharing our interaction through comments. This will show how easy it can be to build up a PLN (Personal Learning Network), how valuable it can be to connect with other teachers & their classrooms through class blogs, and how many great ideas you can get from exploring what's out there! I've already found some great suggestions, and this is only week 1. For my first C4T, I'll be featuring the Tcher's Voice.
     For the first post I checked out, Elizabeth Weiland shared a video playlist of 9 different strategies for effective classroom management. This is something that new teachers might struggle with, and the tips shared in these videos are so good that I think both new teachers and experienced ones can benefit from watching them! These videos are definitely something I will look back on after I graduate when I am setting the standards for what I want my classroom culture to be like.
     For my comment, I introduced myself, and let Elizabeth know that I was taking EDM 310, and a little bit about what this class is all about. I let her know that I'd be writing about the Tcher's Voice over on my blog, and that I'd be sharing some of the tips & advice I find with my fellow classmates! I also let her know how helpful, and informative I thought this video playlist was, and that it is definitely going to come in handy whenever I am working on creating a positive, effective learning environment in my own classroom someday. 
     The second post I checked out from the Tcher's Voice was about lesson planning, and Lily Jones shared a few websites with free templates that can be used to help teachers focus on how they will use the Common Core. Lily suggests that there are 5 essential components of lesson planning:
Objective/Learning Goal - What will students learn from this lesson?
Time - Estimate how long each part of the lesson will take. 
Differentiation Strategies - How will you support students who need extra help and students who need an extra challenge? 
Sequence - Describe what will happen during each part of the lesson.
Assessment - How will you know what the students have learned?
     Some of the websites she shared were really great for customizing categories such as "essential questions", "objectives", "warm-up activity", etc., and how you will introduce the Common Core in your lesson plans. A few of them to check out are English Teacher's FriendMy Book Ezzz, and Common Curriculum. I think these can be really beneficial when we first start out teaching, and start building up our lesson plans. The templates are easy to fill out, and they help keep you focused about what your goals in teaching actually are. Plus, it helps you remember to focus on how you will teach the Common Core! 
     For my second C4T, I let Lily know how much I appreciated her sharing these free templates with us! I looked over them, and it was pretty amazing how you could customize them to have your own categories to make them work for your own individual classroom or even different classes. On some of the websites you can even save your templates to make future lesson planning faster and easier, but at the same time keeping it effective! I let Lily know that I'll definitely be bookmarking these, and that I'd be sharing them on my blog for all of the other EDM 310 students to check-out. 

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