Saturday, February 22, 2014

Project #8 [Book Trailer]

     For Project #8, Dr. Strange had us create our own book trailers! If you've never heard of a book trailer before, the best way to explain them is that they are just like movie trailers except they are made for children's books instead. Book trailers are simple videos that can be created with a program like iMovie, and they can be used to give kids a quick glimpse into what the book is about before reading! All of the book trailers made through EDM 310 are published on CD's, and then shared with schools throughout Mobile and Baldwin County. By sharing these book trailers with local school libraries, hopefully it will get kids more excited and more interested in reading. By providing them with short videos to give them a sneak peak into the twist of the story, kids can pick out books that really spark their interests, encouraging them to read more!

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