Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blog Assignment #8

     For this blogpost, Dr. Strange had us research to find a 21st century learning tool that we might like to use in our classroom someday. For me, this was pretty easy because luckily I've had some great math teachers who used technology as a way to take what we were learning in the classroom, and to make opportunities available for us to go further with that learning at home. One tool that would allow me to do this with my own students is the iPad! 

iPad on top of a stack of books

     One of the things that I would like to do in my classroom someday is use short videos to introduce lesson plans to my students, and I would also like to provide video materials on the class blog for students who need review or just need some extra help with a certain topic. One of my Calculus professors used her laptop to record our math lesson notes as she would present them, and would then post them online after class as pdf files so we could easily access them again at home, and so they would be available for us to look back on to study before test time. I really appreciated her doing this, and I was inspired by that to find a tool where I could do something similar with technology in my own math classroom someday.
     After my research, I found a great, free app, Educreations, which will allow you to do this with the iPad! The best way to describe what this app can do is to use the description listed in the App Store. Educreations turns your iPad into a "recordable whiteboard", where you can create videos, add voice recordings to them, and use your handwriting to take math lessons from being something that were once just available in the classroom, to bring those lessons back home for your students! I've linked a video below created by  Jason Fournier, where he gives his students a lesson about the pythagorean theorem, and this video will give you a glimpse into some of the amazing things that you can create with this app! 

     I would like to use this app to create short videos to introduce lesson plans to students BEFORE they come into the classroom, and I'd also like to provide review materials that I can organize on my own class blog that I will have for my students someday. An app like Educreations will make this process super easy, and as you can see from the video above, you can get as creative as you want! One other thing I might try with my students is to allow them to create their own videos! In my 7th grade algebra class, our teacher taught us a few funny songs to help us remember our formulas, the order of operations, etc., and I still remember them to this day. I think it would be fun to teach my students some of these songs, and allow them to split up into groups to record their own music videos with Educreations. I could post them on the class blog for them to access later, and they could listen to their classmates' music videos to study and review their formulas before tests. These are just a few ways that this app could come in handy in my math classroom, and the possibilities seem pretty endless! 


  1. Very good post! But I think you might have forgotten to include the link to the video by Jason Fournier that you mentioned!

  2. Hi Savannah! My name is Nancee Dehoff and I am in EDM310 as well. I enjoyed reading your blog for this week. I have never heard of educreations but it sounds wonderful. You have mentioned some really good ideas on how to use the app that I think I would like to try to use for my future students as well! There really are a lot of great tools out there and the possibilities really do seem endless. I will leave a link to my blog for you just in case you would like to visit mine as well. Nancee Dehoff's EDM310 class blog
    Good job!