Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blog Assignment #9

     For this blogpost assignment, I had the opportunity to watch a Skype interview with Ms. Cassidy, a first grade teacher from Moose Jaw, Canada. In her interview, Ms. Cassidy talked about how she has been using technology in her classroom for about 10 years now, and she talked a little bit about how she got started! Her first grade students are using technology in the classroom by blogging, creating wiki's, and they also use her class webpage to access different games and websites where they can continue their learning even more. Ms. Cassidy's words were encouraging because she emphasized that you do not have to know how to do it all at first! She let us know that she started out with blogging, and then expanded to other things from there. Using a class blog for my students is definitely something that I would like to do someday so it was a relief to hear that I can start with that, and then build up more activities that incorporate technology as I feel comfortable, and as I learn about them.
      Another thing that I learned from Dr. Strange's interview with Ms. Cassidy is that she teaches her students important rules about internet safety so there isn't a big concern with using the internet or technology in her classroom! Not only does Ms. Cassidy teach them the basic need-to-know things about internet safety, but she also emphasizes to her students that they stay on the websites that she provides, and that they don't click any ads on the outside of the page. I agree with Ms. Cassidy that this is something that we need to teach our students, and that we need to address from the beginning! By teaching our students how to be safe, and providing them with safe places and tools to do their research, it takes away the scary factor of using the internet in school. Technology is here, and it isn't going away so it's our job as teachers to guide our students in the right direction! By addressing this issue, it opens the doors for students to take advantage of the internet as a wonderful tool for learning. 
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     When asked how her students like blogging, Ms. Cassidy said that they love it! She brought up an interesting point that using technology isn't anything special or out of the ordinary for students nowadays. These things are a part of their world now, and it's pretty awesome that they don't have to shut that part of their world out when they come to school anymore. They are able to use these tools which they already use anyways as a way to improve their learning, and the kids obviously enjoy doing that! Not only does blogging help improve her student's writing, but it also gives them the opportunity to connect with other students, and provides them with an audience so they can get feedback! Her kids love the fact that they receive page views and comments on their work, and it is something that they look forward to. The fact that blogging can provide that for students seems pretty invaluable to me!

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  1. That was a great summery of the videos!
    About her use of "internet safety tips" I really liked that she had the kids create an alternate Facebook page for school. Explaining that she didn't want to see their personal post.
    How do you plan to adapt technology to aid in your teaching abilities was the only part I didn't notice from the assignment.
    Good luck in your ventures, and have a good semester. :)