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C4K Summary for February

     For Project #6, all of the EDM 310 students are participating in C4K. For those of you who don't know what C4K is, it stands for Comments 4 Kids! Every week, Dr. Strange assigns us a different student's blog to check out, and over the semester, we are able to leave positive, encouraging comments on several kid's schoolwork from different schools located all over the world! This month I got to comment on student's blogs from so many different age groups, and from so many different places! C4K is another project that shows just how powerful technology can be in the classroom, and how awesome it is to connect through class blogs. It shows kids that they have an audience, helps them feel proud of their work, and hopefully encourages them to keep achieving more! It also gives us a great opportunity to get ideas from our student's teachers for different activities that we can use to incorporate technology into the classroom. I've linked my student's blogs below in case you want to keep the C4K going, and leave them a comment as well!

Comments 4 Kids

Stephanie from Mrs. Reuter's 5th/6th Grade Classes in Wisconsin
     For my first C4K, I got to check out Stephanie's blog! Mrs. Reuter had her 5th and 6th grade students write an online review about two different comic strip websites that they used. Stephanie made her comic strip about "buddies", and in her review she was able to add multiple links and screenshots for each of the different websites! It's pretty impressive to see fifth and sixth graders being able to use HTML code so well, and it's the perfect example of how times have changed so much since the time that I was that age! For my comment, I introduced myself, and let Stephanie know that I'm a student in EDM 310, and a little bit about what this class is all about. I told her how impressed I was that she already knew how to blog so well, and that some of us are just now learning how to properly link things, and that we're in college! I also mentioned how awesome I think it is that we are able to share what we are learning with others, and that we are able to connect with others from all around the world. I sent her a link to my blog, just in case she wanted to check it out, and told her to keep up the good work!

William Epic from Mrs. Little's Grade 3 Class at Hong Kong International School
     For my second C4K, I got to check out a blog post from "William Epic". This week's assignment connected two people from two places very far away because William is a Grade 3 student all the way from Hong Kong! William didn't have very many posts up, but he did have one or two that I could check out. In the post that I commented on, William shared that he got a new dog with all of his classmates, and also included a photo of her. I told William that I remember how excited I was whenever I got my puppy, and all of the good memories and how much fun it was! I also told William how impressed I was with the fact that he already knew how to add photos to his blogposts. I let him know that I had a photo of my puppy over on my class blog, and shared the link just in case he wanted to check it out. I told him to keep up the good work with blogging, and to have fun playing with Malibu!

Mychelle from Mrs. Miller's HS English Class in Baldwin County
     For my third C4K, I got to read an essay written by a high school English student in Baldwin County. Mrs. Miller had her students write an essay about one of their strongest beliefs in an essay called "This I Believe...". My student, Mychelle, chose to write about her stepdad, and his battle with cancer. She talked about how scary the situation was at first, but how much closer it has brought their family together. I've also had a few of my family members get diagnosed with cancer at different times in my life, and my grandpa actually just passed away from Stage 4 pancreatic cancer recently so this is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I know how tough it can be on a family, and I'm so glad that I was able to leave some encouraging words for Mychelle through this week's C4K. Mychelle's belief was "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me", and I let her know the fact that she has been so strong and brave has definitely been inspiring to me. I ended my comment by letting her know I'd keep her family in my thoughts, and told her to keep her head up!

Ashlie L from Mrs. Tia Frahm's 7th Grade Class at Bode Middle School in St. Joseph, MO
      For my last C4K for this month, I got to read some poetry! Mrs. Tia Frahm had her 7th grade students create a poem after picking out their favorite paint chip color, and getting inspired by the name. Not only did they have to write their own poem, but they also had to include 10 figurative languages in it along with an idiom, alliteration, a metaphor, and an example of imagery. Ashlie's poem was inspired by the name "Tropical Bloom", and her poem was about the beach, and all of the feelings that come along with summertime. In my comment, I let Ashlie know how much I enjoyed reading her poem, and that I was really impressed with how creative she got. I don't think I'd be able to write a poem this well in 7th grade, and I really liked the idea for the writing prompt because it sparks creativity! I let Ashlie know that I was a student at South in EDM 310, and how awesome it is that we are able to connect, and share our schoolwork through our class blogs. When you spend time creating something, and putting effort into it, it's nice to hear back from someone. I sent her a link to my class blog, and told her to keep up the good work with her writing!

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