Sunday, April 27, 2014

C4K Summary for April

     This month's C4K assignments were all for students from Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand. A lot of these students have had experience with sharing their classwork through blogging since Year 4, and it was pretty awesome to be able to see technology being used in the classroom for students of all different ages. I've linked my student's blogs below in case you'd like to check out their work, all of the awesome things that are happening at Pt. England School, and keep the C4K going!
     For my first C4K, I got to check out a post from a little girl named Doris, who is now in year 7 or 8 in Ms. Paget's classroom. She has been blogging for a while now, and shared a post about her school's recent Athletics Day! Doris described how the students got to participate in a lot of different activities during the day, and told a story about how her classmates cheered her on as she almost won the high jump competition. For my comment, I told Doris I enjoyed reading her stories about Athletics Day, and congratulated her for doing so well in the challenges. It must've been awesome having all of her classmates cheer her on! 
     For my second C4K, I checked out a post from a Year 5 student from Miss Ouano's class named DJ. This student introduced me to a new word that I am not familiar with, Fiafia, which means a celebration of different cultures' dances and other performances. DJ and his other classmates are participating in their own Fiafia at Pt. England, and DJ talked about some of his favorite dances and songs that they will be performing to. For my comment, I thanked DJ for sharing with us what Fiafia is all about, and wished him luck in his performances. I know it must be fun learning all of the different dances with his friends!
      For my last C4K, I got to comment on a younger student's blog from Mrs. She's Year 2 class. For this blogpost, Mrs. She recorded each of her students telling a story! My student, Esther, talked about how she got to go visit all of the other classes during a camping day for part of their school's outdoor education program. She talked about how she got to see all of the tents, which were so many different colors. For my comment, I told Esther I enjoyed watching her video that she shared, and that I bet she can't wait until she gets to participate in the camping activities when she's in Year 4. I told her to keep up the good work with sharing on her class blog! 

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