Saturday, April 5, 2014

Project #4 [C4T Summary #3]

      This week's C4T features Dorothy Burt, the writer of the Manaiakalani Blog, and the Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand. This school has been given the opportunity to team up with Google, and their students have had some amazing learning opportunities because of it! Dorothy describes Pt. England School as a "community of learners" rather than just your typical school setting, and it's pretty evident in the videos that this school is a unique place! To get a better understanding of what the student's are doing, I highly recommend you check out Dorothy's blog, and watch some of the videos so you can see the students in action.
     For the first post I got to check-out, Dorothy wrote about the Manaiakalani Film Festival, and how their 6th year was another success. The festival expanded to two theaters, and 3,000 students got to participate in the activities during the day! The post included a video from the festival, and the children really seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage. For my comment, I congratulated Dorothy on the success of another festival, and wished them success for the years to come. I look forward to checking back on Dorothy's blog later to see more of what her students are up to, and to find out how the Manaiakalani Film Festival goes next year!
     In the second post I was able to check out, Dorothy talked about how Pt. England School was given the amazing opportunity to team up with Google, and the post featured a video filmed by Google giving you a glimpse into their learning community! The students at Pt. England were provided with Chrome-books, allowing them to bridge the gap from just learning at school to also being able to continue that learning at home. As one parent pointed out, learning becomes a lifestyle for their students, which is much different from how things were when we were in school! Not only that, but students have also been able to collaborate with their peers, and others using Google Docs and other tools. Dorothy talked about how much of a success this has been not only in engaging the students, but also at improving literacy outcomes. For my comment, I let Dorothy know that I'd be featuring her blog, and the Pt. England School over on my EDM 310 class blog so I can share some of the wonderful things that are going on at their school with my fellow classmates. I also mentioned how awesome I thought it was that this opportunity has given their students the chance to become lifelong learners, as having access to the internet and technology gives students the power to learn on their own! As one of the parents in the video said, it truly does bridge the gap between school, and home. 

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