Sunday, April 27, 2014

Project #4 [C4T Summary #4]

     For my last C4T, I got to read some posts by David Wees, writer of Thoughts from a 21st Century Educator. Davis has had experience teaching in quite a few places around the world including New York, London, and Thailand. He has also taken part in writing a textbook for the International Baccalaureate Mathematical studies course. His website is a portfolio of the different projects he has been involved in, and I highly recommend that you check it out to read about his work! 
     For the first post I got to check out, David shared with us some videos from the Teaching Channel, another C4T I had the opportunity to check out this semester, and also introduced us to the a2i Project. The a2i Project (Accessing Algebra through Inquiry), is a project designed to implement math common core into different schools with the goal of maximizing student and teacher learning. For my first comment, I introduced myself, and let David know that I'm a student in EDM 310, and a little bit about what this class is all about. I thanked David for sharing this post with us, and let him know that the videos and information were super helpful for someone who is studying to become a math teacher someday! I let David know that I'd be featuring his blog over on my EDM 310 class blog so I could share some of his work, and some of his tips with my fellow classmates. His posts were definitely an interesting read, so any math teachers might want to pay a visit to his blog! 
     The second post I got to check out from David's blog was more of an artistic, personal post where he shared that we communicate all of our different ideas through the the medium of language. Sometimes students can learn all of the different words and terminology that goes along with an idea, but still not have a true understanding of the idea itself. David talked about how he struggled with linear functions in school because his professor explained things in a slightly different way than what he was used to. Eventually he overcame it though, and developed a true understanding of linear functions and how they worked! He talked about how he moved past a "just the words" understanding of linear functions into a more flexible and useful understanding. David's post made me think a lot, and I agree with him that we need to help our students get a clear understanding of the topics that they are learning about, and how they work together instead of just letting them slip by with only having a vague idea. For my comment, I let David know that I enjoyed reading all of his thoughts on this subject, and found it encouraging how he overcame all of the struggles in his topology class! I agree with him that teachers should do their part to help their students develop a true understanding of the different concepts that they need to know. 

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