Friday, May 2, 2014

Project #16 [Final Project]

     For our last project of the semester, me and the girls in my group (Kastala Brown, Courtney Fields, and Alexis McSwain) worked together to create an iBook. Our theme was inspired by an outer-space voyage, and the book we created documents our journey of discovering and exploring the unknown of EDM 310! We had a lot of fun putting our iBook together, and it was awesome to be able to look back on how much we have learned, and accomplished through all of the different projects that we have worked on this semester. We went into EDM 310 having never experienced a class like this before, not knowing what to expect, but learned so many new things along the way. Our iBook also gives you a glimpse into our lives & some of our other adventures beyond EDM 310!

Excel Group Picture

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